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ABS Sensors

An anti-lock braking system, or ABS is a safety system which prevents the wheels on a motor vehicle from locking up (or ceasing to rotate) while braking. What can cause an ABS Sensor to fail? One of more of the sensors has a fault in the cable up to the ABS computer. One or more of the sensors is not working correctly because there are large amounts of dirt and possibly metal filings attached which are interfering with the gap between the sensor and the cog tooth reluctor ring on the wheel hub. One or more of the sensors has failed internally. This is either because of an internal fault due to impact or age, or because damp has got into the sensor. One or more of the sensors has aged enough for heat from the braking system to cause the sensor to read erratically. How we can help! We can help by providing you with a high quality but competitively priced replacement aftermarket part for your vehicle.

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